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Ticket Counter

Place a large TV display in your lobby to display new or ongoing tickets!

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Give customers the visibility they need To trust you and become loyal customers.

All Day Display of Repair Tickets
Let your customers know how much you have on your plate in real-time.
Advertise Your Promotions
Feature company logo, discount offers and even videos on TCD.
Display Customer's Device Repair Progress
Display repair tickets’ status in your repair store waiting area.
Technician Productivity Reporting
Dig into your repair ticket times to identify staff productivity.

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  • Do I get to choose what information the screen displays?

    You can choose to display basic repair information, the time at which ticket is created, display tickets with particular status, and when marked as repaired or completed.
  • Will it work with my website too?

    Yes absolutely! Generate, copy and paste the iFrame code to display new or pending tickets on your website. For demo visit this link.
  • Can I upload a promotional image or video that we can run as an ad, and transition back & forth between the ad and the repair jobs we have?

    Yes, you can upload a JPEG, PNG or YouTube video link which will autoplay.
  • Can I set a custom auto refresh time?

    By default the page will refresh after 1-minute however, you can setup custom refresh time.
  • Do I need an internet connection?

    Yes, the Ticket Counter Display will only work if your system is connected to the internet.
  • How much does it cost?

    There is absolutely no cost for using Ticket Counter Display. It is completely FREE!
  • What type of device do we use to stream the display?

    A TV that supports Google Chromecast.

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