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RepairDesk SMS brings features that allow you to connect with your customers better & always keep them updated on their repair jobs.

Real-time notifications

Real-time notifications

Get in touch with your customers instantly with the power of real-time notifications. Any text message you send to your audience will be delivered to them in real-time, allowing you to communicate with them swiftly and efficiently.

Opt-Out Options

Opt-Out Options

Give your customers the freedom to unsubscribe from your mailing list. RepairDesk SMS provides you with the ability to send opt-out options in your messages, so that customers can easily choose not to receive notifications, providing them greater control.

Two-Way Messaging

Two-Way Messaging

Communicate with your customers easily by having them reply back to you. RepairDesk SMS allows for two-way messaging, so your customers can always reach you when they need to. View incoming messages and respond to them right within the system.

Private Numbers

Private Numbers

Get your own personal number on RepairDesk SMS to send out messages from. Having a dedicated number through which you can communicate with your customers increases engagement, and you can acquire one through our service easily.

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS

Send messages in bulk with a click of a button. Our bulk SMS feature allows you to send multiple messages out to your customers with a single button click. Your entire audience can be reached instantly for any promotions or messages you would like to push.

Custom Audiences

Custom Audiences

Group together customers with common features and send them messages all at once. RepairDesk SMS allows you to create your own custom audiences and deliver messages to specific people only, so you can target them better.

Appointment Reminders

Appointment Reminders

Inform your customers of their upcoming appointments, payments and bills with appointment reminders. Set the system to automatically deliver text messages to keep your clientele in the loop, and help them engage with you better.

Customer Tags

Customer Tags Coming Soon

Add tags to your customer accounts so you can easily catalog them and select the ones you want for your next SMS blast. Take the hassle out of your workload when planning your next SMS marketing campaign, and target the customers you want.


SMS Text Messages

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Phone Number

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All the Answers You're Looking For

  • I'm currently on trial. Can I test RepairDesk SMS?

    RepairDesk SMS requires a subscription to the Lite+, Pro or Advance plan to work. At present, RepairDesk SMS can only be tested on these plans, and cannot be used on trial accounts.
  • If a customer's record does not exist, can I still receive an SMS from them on my virtual number?

    Yes, for customers that do not exist within your system, you will still be able to receive messages from them in your inbox. Alerts against these messages will only be shown to default store users.
  • Can I send a promotional SMS blast to all of our customers?

    Yes. From the Manage Customer section, select all the customers you would like to send an SMS to, then click on Action and select Send Bulk SMS. This will deliver your text message to all customers selected in one go.
  • Is there any expiry to SMS credits?

    There is no expiry to your SMS credits. Once you have purchased your required credits, you can use them at any time without fear of them expiring after a set period of time. If you have any remaining credits when purchasing a new package, they will be carried over.
  • Can I track the delivery of the SMS sent out to customers?

    Yes, the text messages you send out can easily be tracked in the Inbox/Outbox section. The SMS Outbox has a record of all messages sent, while the SMS Inbox keeps track of all messages received. You can also view each customer’s individual records by going to View Customer and selecting Email/SMS.
  • What is the maximum message length in RepairDesk SMS?

    You have a limit of 160 characters for each SMS credit. If your message goes any longer than that, you’ll be consuming an additional credit when sending.
  • How can I find out why customer has opted out from my SMS campaign?

    By visiting the View Customer page and scrolling down to the Alert Settings section, you should be able to see a field marked Opt-out Reason that can help you find out why your customer has opted out.
  • Does RepairDesk SMS work with ClickaTell and other SMS integrations?

    No, RepairDesk SMS will not work with any other SMS integration.
  • Why are macros for bulk SMS not working in my email and SMS notification templates?

    Bulk SMS macros can only be used in the Bulk SMS template. These macros will not work for emails and SMS notification templates.


Its slowly turning into the soul of the company. Having RepairDesk is like having a point of sale software team in your store.

Shane Moreland - Owner, Avie Pros

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