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RepairDesk Payments

We take the pain out of payment processing by offering clear & custom rates.

*RepairDesk Payments is available in the US only. Not in the US? Check out our Integrated Payments solution for all other regions.
RepairDesk payments

Payment processing made easy for repair stores

Flat Rate Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and rewards cards—all the same rate.
Next Day Settlement Get your money in your bank account as soon as the next business day.
No Lock-In Contracts No long-term contracts or early termination fees.
No Hidden Fees No startup, ACH or other fees. They're confusing & we dislike fees as much as you do.

RepairDesk payments

Offering the freedom and transparency you always wanted

Digital Signature Collect customer digital signatures on store terms and conditions before or after a repair is completed.
Line Item Display Display order line items on the terminal to get customers engaged.
Promotional Image Ability to display a promotional image, slideshow or video without an extra charge.
Tipping/gratuity Accept tips with RepairDesk payments. Customers can enter a custom tipping amount or choose from the smart tipping option.

Built-in Protection. It's Safe!

Other processors let you fend for yourself to meet PCI requirements. We take care of all that for you so you can focus on what's important.
PCI Compliance We handle the expense and time investment of being PCI compliant and there are no fees for staying compliant on your behalf.
Data Encryption Every transaction is triple encrypted for your protection as we deploy the latest in encryption technology, going well beyond PCI requirements.
Secure hardware Security is engineered into every feature of our hardware, from the operating system and internal architecture to point-to-point encryption and remote key injection.

All the Answers You're Looking for

  • I'm stuck in a Lock in Contract with my Bank/merchant processing provider?

    RepairDesk Payments will try to offer cost savings in merchant service fees to alleviate the cost of a Lock in Contract.
  • What does the Next day's deposit mean?

    It means transactions processed before 8:00 pm (ET) are ACH to your bank account. Also, funds processed on Friday are deposited to merchants' accounts on Saturday.

    Whereas transactions processed on Saturday and Sunday will be ACH to merchants bank on Monday.
  • Can I send an invoice with a pay-now link?

    Yes. With RepairDesk Payments, you have the option of sending customers an invoice with a convenient "Pay Now" button, which they can click to pay their dues online.
  • How long does it take to process my application?

    Once we have received the Application form and supporting documents, it normally takes 24 - 48 hours in application processing.
  • What happens if I get a chargeback?

    When a chargeback happens, the disputed funds are held from the business until the card issuer works things out and decides what to do. If the bank rules against you, those funds are returned to the cardholder. If the bank rules in your favor, they'll send the disputed funds back to you.

    We charge a $20 dispute fee and in order to avoid chargebacks we recommend merchants taking payments through EMV (chip cards), collecting customer signature before & after a repair is completed and asking for their ID. If the ID doesn't match please don't process the transaction.
  • Do you have more questions?

    Did we miss anything? Please reach out to us at (312) 313-1737 to keep the conversation going.

Streamline sales with integrated payments
Simple, clear pricing
Accept all major form of payments
No hidden or monthly fee
Next day settlement
Accept gratuity


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